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If you have a question related to repair, please see the links under the Customer Support page.

Do you have a warrantee?

We warrantee our pump and hydraulic components for one year against manufacturing defects.

Can I get an electric cover?

No. Our product line is only in hydraulic covering systems. We believe that hydraulics allows a higher level of quality at a comparable price.

Can I buy a kit and install it myself?

No. Unfortunately the layout of our system is critical to the quality of operation and we cannot sell kits to any customers who have not gone through our training program and been certified.

Do you have any other installation/repair locations?

Yes, please check our locations page. If there is nothing available in your area and you know of a garage that would be interested in becoming a certified Richard’s® Cover installation and service center location, please contact us.

How long does it take to do an installation?

Please allow 5-7 hours for us to complete your cover installation. We do not provide pick up and delivery service; you must deliver and pick up the truck at our facility. You may wait while the work is done, or drop the truck off and pick it up at your convenience.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, please call ahead at least a week before to schedule your cover installation. If you need repair work done, one to two days advance notice is usually sufficient.


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