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We manufacture and install hydraulically actuated covers on dump trucks, rolloffs and trailers with bodies from 8 to 32 feet long. You no longer need to climb out of the cab to cover your load. Our system is conveniently operated from the driver's seat. Constructed with schedule 80 steel tubing and aluminum castings, it is built to last. Over the past 25+ years our customers have testified to the durability of our product, and many of the original installations continue in service today.

Because we use steel tubing for the arms, our arms can be cold pressed and used even after severe mishap.

To request a quote please call or email us with the type of truck you have, the body make and length and any specifications you have for the installation (see below).

Cab-mounted pump Pump with cover

Standard Installation

Our standard installation is with the pump mounted in the cab between the driver's seat and the door (pump cover provided), standard cabshield mount, and with a choice of a beige or black canvas.

Other Options
available at an additional cost
  • Electric Remote
    We also carry electric remote pumps which can mounted outside attached to the frame and covered, or inside your battery box or tool box (providing there is sufficient room). This option is operated from a 3-position self-centering switch mounted on the center consol or elsewhere in the cab.
    Cut cab shield
  • Cut Cabshield
    Most (but not all) cabshields can be notched to lower the installed height of the roller assembly.
  • Asphalt Vinyl Tarp
    Has a high temperature resistance; designed for asphalt haulers and treated to resist kerosene and asphalt build up. (click here for info)
  • Side and/or Back Flaps
    For customers in states that require additional coverage.
  • Custom Color Tarps
    Contact us if you are interested in a custom tarp to match your truck’s color scheme. (click here for colors available)
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